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Bagged Subie!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

All pictures taken by and used with permission by Frank Bonincontri (streetofficial919)

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“Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard."- Walt Whitman

'Ol Walt couldn't have said it better when speaking about this Subaru WRX. That's what he was referring to wasn't it? This Subaru WRX lives a life all the way up in Wisconsin and belongs to Gavin Kannenberg. Gavin, please tell us a bit about your car, when you bought it and what modifications have you done or have had done to it.

My car is a pure red 2016 Subaru wrx with tons of different paint matched parts from subispeed. It’s also features the full lower lip kit from maxton design, which is a redline edition. It’s got more aggressive taillights and headlights, along with an f1 light. The meat and potatoes of this car is the airlift 3p suspension I have on the car, which I installed myself being only 18. I installed everything on this car myself, I’ve done everything I have within a year. This car has been amazing to have. Bought it all stock in 2020, and built it since then and have learned so much. I’ve made so many friends through it. I’ve gone to all the WCEC meets in Wisconsin this past season, and the final one I got accepted into the showcase. Which was Appleton takeover at a baseball diamond.

Do you belong to any Clubs or Subaru Groups?

Through this car I’ve also joined the Eminence car group, it has been a pleasure to be apart of something like

that with like minded car enthusiasts. I also have joined forces with a companies, I have a sponsorship with Camberwell, possibly grimmspeed, and also artisa wheels which will be featured on the car

in spring.

Are you planning to do any more modifications?

Yes,. I plan on getting Artisa Elders wheels in raven black for the next car show season to get that perfect fender to lip fitment. Also a suicide prevention livery on the car might be in the works for the car, then if I receive my grimmspeed sponsorship going to be building the motor.

Thank you Gavin for takin the time to share you vehicle with us here on Downforce Magazine. We look forward to what you do next with the car. Please be sure to follow Gavin on instagram.

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