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Chinita's 05 Acura TSX!

Check out Melissa's 2005 Acura TSX. We had a chat with Melissa who told us a bit about her car.

Melissa, your TSX caught our eye on Instagram and we knew we just had to reach out to feature you here on Street Takeover Magazine. Can you tell us a little bit about your car?

I have an 05 Acura TSX and my car has always pushed me out of my comfort zone. Before I owned this 05 I had an 04 same color just different set up no seats etc. but it was involved in a collision which totaled out my car. So I built my car once again.

So this car was built not bought! cool. Can you tell us about any mods you have done? The mods I have to date are BC Coilovers, Avant Garde F142 wheels which are 18x10 wrapped in 225/35R18 tires, Mugen rear lip spoiler, jspec lip kit, Truhart adjustable arms and camber kits. Under the hood I have WeaponR header and skunk2 exhaust system.

Braum front seats, custom matching back seats, custom headliner, grip royal steering wheel, custom splitter, custom halo headlights and custom taillights plus badge delete.

Wow, I really like the Avant Garde F142 Wheels you have, and the color really works well with the green exterior. Any Future modifications planned or are you satisfied with the TSX as it sits now?

I would like to add upgraded brakes sometime in the future, and that's it for the time being.

Where can people see more pictures of your car?

You can find me on instagram @Melissa_Chinita7 or on my youtube page Chinitas Car Adventures.

If you're in the Atlanta Area, and want to see this car in person check out the End of year meet hosted by Chinitas Car Adventures and Dat Gen2 Cruze. Details below.

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